Violet Blend – Demons – CDD

Band: Violet Blend

Label: Elevate Records

Format: CDD


Violet Blend are an Italian alternative metal band, featuring extraordinary vocals, rich sonic power, and
unbridled energy. Founded in 2014, Giada Celeste Chelli (vocals and piano) was joined by Michel
Agostini (drums), and next, Ferruccio Baroni (bass) and Daniele Cristellon (guitar), in Florence, Italy. Known for culture and fine art , therefore, it is not surprising that these four talented musicians knew each other long before the release of their debut album White Mask, which received high praise from audiences and critics, both locally and abroad. In terms of touring, Violet Blend has opened for renowned bands such as Radiohead, Garbage, Chris Slade (AC/DC), Vinnie Moore (Alice Cooper), Eva Poles (Prozac+) Finley, Rezophonic (Mario Riso, Cristina Scabbia), and the British band Antimatter. DEMONS, continues the journey by moving the focus to the more personal, internal mechanism we use to make our own tragic masks. We do this to represent ourselves favorably to others, and our fragile, raw truths remain fatally hidden. Still, the glory is the crucial moment we decide to unveil. Not for others. For us. For the sake of the soul.

There are thirteen tracks on Demons, all cornerstones for the theme of ambitious yet contradictory
facades, and each song is represented in the cover‐art as masks of demons from every culture in the
world, stemming from Greek mythology, Chinese tradition, and Dante’s literature, to the Aztec Empire,
Celtic mythography, and African rituals, etc.

Violet Blend are an awe‐inspiring female fronted band that make us measure our internal landscape
differently. Demons is an exciting record with something for everyone, from the superlative vocal to the
rhythm‐chops that seem to echo the true pulse of the world. Are you ready to join them in this? Are you
fired up now? Are you ready to rock?

Rock DJ
He Said He Was Pregnant
Among All These Fools
I’m Only Happy When I’m Drunk
La Donna Mobile (Ft. Giuseppe Verdi)
Muoio in un Bicchiere
Smell Like the Hospitals
A Part of Me
In Mezzo ai Folli

GENRE: Rock/Alternative
BARCODE: 0606707213516