Eternal White Trees – The Summer That Will Not Come – CDD

Band: Eternal White Trees

Label: My Kingdom Music

Format: CDD

Catalogue Number: ECHO183


ETERNAL WHITE TREES is the decadent union of three souls destined to leave a deep mark on the Italian music scene. The project has its musical background in the most melancholic dynamics of Metal and Post Rock of KATATONIA, SWALLOW THE SUN and NOVEMBRE.

The album is melancholic, haunting and beautifully painful delivering their unique sense of nostalgia through all the aspects of their art. Melodic magic vocals, doomy drumming and ethereal guitars are the keys of a music that explores listeners’ souls. “The Summer That Will Not Come” is mesmerizingly beautiful, dark and takes you to unexplored spheres of feelings!

1. It Comes The Rain
2. Ravens Lady
3. Reasons
4. Waters
5. The Butterfly And The Hurricane
6. My Funeral
7. The Summer That Will Not Come
8. Flawless

GENRE: Metal/Post Rock
BARCODE: 8002324231834