Mortiis – The Unraveling Mind – CD

Band: Mortiis

Label: Dead Seed Productions

Format: CD


Mortiis’ unreleased “lost” album from 2006. In 2006 Mortiis recorded a whole album´s worth of material for an underground horror movie. The majority of the music was never used, and none of it had ever been released in album format, until 2017. A total of 250 LPs, in 5 different vinyl colors. The first 50, on red marbled vinyl, and numbered in Mortiis´ own blood! All copies were sold strictly at shows and from Mortiis´ Webstore and were quickly sold out. Dead Seed Productions then released a limited collector’s edition picture disc vinyl edition of this rare recording which instantly sold out. This rare album is now made available once more and for the first time ever on CD format.

1. Virosus – Silentium
2. Hollowed
3. Submit
4. Redeemer
5. Submit (Flux)
6. The Unraveling Mind
7. Submit (Subdued)
8. Surge
9. Zotheca
10. Thrall
11. Virosus – Amentia

GENRE: Electronic/Ambient/Soundtrack
BARCODE: 034966655561