Thunderbunny – Psychedelic State Of Mind – CD

Band: Thunderbunny

Label: Spare Time Records

Format: CD

Catalogue Number: STR720


ThunderBünny is the creation (and possibly alter ego?) of two‐time Grammy Award–winning Michael Saint‐Leon. The music is classic blues rock with a psychedelic edge. Michael’s songs run the gamut from bad love gone worse (“Driving to Tecopa”), to a prescription for dealing with the contemporary malaise (“Sleeping Pill”), to an epic journey across America (“AnnieMolly”), plus a quick trip to New Orleans with “Keep Your Fingers Crossed.”

These nine songs are accompanied by eclectic videos from Switchyard Studio in Nashville, which can be viewed at‐videos. The core of ThunderBünny are Michael Saint‐Leon (guitars, vocals), Kit Dennis (bass), and Paul Snyder (drums and percussion). Early reviews include “Like ZZ Top on acid…” and “ThunderBünny: It’s not just another trip in the desert. Not suitable for some viewers.”

1. Psychedelic State of Mind 3:38
2. Driving to Tecopa 4:04
3. Sleeping Pill 4:10
4. Don’t Lose That Groove 3:36
5. AnnieMolly (Where You Gonna Go Now) 3:38
6. Antioch Stomp 3:38
7. Mickey Finn 4:39
8. Mojave Frame of Mind 3:56
9. Keep Your Fingers Crossed 4:22

GENRE: Rock/Psychedelic
BARCODE: 860003443781