West End – West End – CD

Band: West End

Label: Spare Time Records

Format: CD


Nashville-born producer and songwriter Kirk Beasley, now working from Ireland, brings together his old friends from Nashville — session veterans Bobby Ogdin, Bruce Dees, and Travis Turk — with new Irish friends, Tom Shinny and Jason Duffy, to create this transatlantic progressive rock offering. The ten songs (penned by members of the band) cover a wide range of topics: the shifting landscape of truth, the ever-changing music scene, war, gun violence, love, the price of celebrity … and did we mention love?

The Future? After having added the wild fiddler himself, Billy Contreras, West End continues to evolve as the house band for Spare Time Records and looks forward to releasing another album in the autumn of 2021, while continuing to support other artists.

1. West End 4:04
2. At the End of the World 3:47
3. Western Avenue 4:03
4. Play It by Ear 3:18
5. Art of Living 3:52
6. Welcome to … Li’l L.A. 5:09
7. Thin Soup 2:29
8. Dodge City 3:36
9. Business as Usual 3:53
10. Surreality 3:19

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