God Body Disconnect – The Wanderer’s Dream – CDD

Band: God Body Disconnect

Label: Cryo Chamber

Format: CDD


God Body Disconnect presents us the album The Wanderer’s Dream, a personal journey on a sea of droning atmospheres.
Recommended for fans of atmospheric walls of sound and blissful textures.
Written, Produced, Performed – Bruce Moallem

Track Listing:
1. The Heart Unfolds 08:02
2. Dreaming of my Former Self 08:10
3. The Road that Repeats 06:08
4. Beckoning Me to Cross Over 06:26
5. An Emptiness that Persists 07:10
6. The Ghost that Dwells Within 05:47
7. Who I was, is not who I’ll Become 05:42

GENRE: Dark Ambient/Ambient/Drone
BARCODE: 5902693143857