Kraanium – No Respect For The Dead – CD

Band: Kraanium

Label: Gore House Productions

Format: CD


Long sought-after debut demo album by Norway’s Undisputed Kings of Slam, KRAANIUM. ‘No Respect for the Dead’ is the bands 2002 debut. The album featured 13 tracks of groove driven death metal. Before the bands initial evolution into the “Slam” genre, NRFTD was inspired by all-things horror, while also being influenced by the likes of early Dying Fetus, Hemdale, Impetigo, and more. Album art was once again made by Andreas Christanetoff of Armaada Art, who did a great job capturing the essence of the original demo art, as well as brought back to life the original Kraanium logo. This assured us capturing the glory of what NRFTD set out to be.

1. Feasting on Human Flesh
2. A Pitbull Ate My Hamster
3. Chainsaw Carnage
4. Shithead
5. Waking Up Dead
6. Worthless And Vast
7. If Dead Flesh Could Speak
8. Evolve To Dissolve
9. The Deathchamber
10. Aborted S.O.B
11. Rectal Disembowelment
12. Cannibalistic Pleasures
13. No Respect for the Dead

GENRE: Death Metal
BARCODE: 617395988983